Senior Exhibition 2021 > Julia Robinson

In my work, I explore the emotional impacts of place and its interconnection with identity. My work structures my identity around recreations of past homes I have lived in and aims to broaden the concept of home by framing my body as a physical location. Through sculpture, collage, and embroidery, I memorialize my fixed perspectives of these changing locations and show the mutualistic relationship between place and identity. These places have no inherent meaning but take on my projected meanings constructed of fragmented memories that have come to represent stages of my life.

My body acts parallel to these spaces, as it is an ever-changing, physical manifestation of my identity. My presentation informs my identity but is also informed by it. By reframing by body neutrally as a place, I reclaim autonomy and begin to honor so called “negative” aspects of my body, as well as lessen the importance of outside perceptions of myself. To me, this emotional investment is the difference between a place and a home.

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